Breakout Sessions

Choose from four breakout sessions

Breakout Sessions

Delegates can register their preferences for the small group breakout sessions to be held on Thursday. Please note that limited numbers apply to some sessions, and places are filled according to date of registration.

Thursday 23rd May - choose between:


- Palliative Care in the ED workshop, facilitated by Dr Bill Lukin NOW FULL 

This will be a practical session on some end of life issues in the ED. We hope to cover an approach to symptom control at the very end of life, some practicalities in dealing with Aged Care Residents and a general discussion about the importance of dealing with suffering. Please read the attached articles.

Please download the College of Anaesthesia Faculty of Pain Medicine Opioid Conversion APP onto your smartphone as we will demonstrate how to use this in the session.


If you have any questions for the day, tricky cases or Topics you want covered please email


- New Fellows session, facilitated by ACEM staff and Queensland Faculty  NOW FULL


 - Free Papers session, various speakers


 Sustainable and Flexible Careers for Wellbeing, facilitated by WRaPEM team Dr Allison Fifoot, Dr Bethany Boulton, Dr Charley McNabb, Dr Melanie Rule

Session Outline

This session is an interactive audience and panel discussion facilitated by the Wellness, Resilience and Performance in Emergency Medicine (WRAP EM) group.

Hear from the panel of highly regarded local FACEMs as they discuss the challenges of working in Emergency Medicine throughout the different phases of their own careers, and their strategies for career sustainability.

Join in the discussion via the roving audience microphones, live audience polling and over social media with a Twitter moderator fielding live questions for the panel.

The aim of this session is to identify the challenges, share new ideas, generate solutions and create positive change for the current and future generation of FACEMs.